The Other Side Project 2016 - an event by Mirabelle Arodi

What comes to mind when you think about Nepal,Kenya, Indonesia or Bolivia? What motivated those images that come to mind when you picture these places? Was it a video you saw while scrolling through Facebook? Or was it an article posted on BBC, CNN or any of the other western mass media companies?

These were some of the questions that arose in Mirabelle Arodi's mind that led her to initiating the Other Side Project. The misrepresentation of different cultures and countries, painting a picture of a specific set of people, reinforcing stereotypes was what she hopes to refute. In light of this she juxtaposed typical photos from these places with personal photos from students on our campus on their definition of home.

‘The Other Side’ is a good way to showcase people’s different perspectives, because everybody has a unique definition of home from the conventional tourist spots and places.
— Sanchari Barua.

The project is in its 2nd year and has gotten bigger and better with more countries being represented and in the Fipke Foyer, a more accessible location. It is a chance at looking at 'the other side' of these specific places and what the people from here actually see and call home versus the traditional views we think of because of the mass media.