How Did I Get Here?

This post is written by Carolina Leyton!

Carolina is an international first year student at UBC Okanagan. She is the recipient of IMES which also makes her a part of the Society of Scholars! Carolina wants to major in English with a minor in Creative Writing. Her home country is Colombia! Carolina recently turned 18 and is excited to make the most of the opportunities this university has to offer.

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This post is written by Jordy Decker!

Before you begin to read my post, I want to be upfront: I am not an expert on queerness. I am passionate about drag and I watch a lot of Ellen, but that is a tiny sliver of the extensive history and contemporary realities of world-wide queerness. I am not an expert on culture. My family’s traditions include watching Law & Order SVU marathons on Christmas morning and doing a moderately-Ukrainian birthday polka whenever one of us takes another trip around the sun. However, I am actively trying to learn.

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A promising day at SLC: A perspective

This post written is by Tharanee Nakandala. Tharanee is a "Get Involved Leader" at the Student Experience Office. Her job is to help students make the most out of their university experience by aiding them to get involved either on or off campus. She believes that while academics are very important, extra-curricular are also essential in order to have a successful university career! 

Tharanee shares her experience as an international student at the Student Leadership Conference and the valuable skills and insight she gained!  

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Oaxaca’s Earthquake and A Kelowna Effort

This post is written by Monica Good and Natalia P.Gallon - Graduate Students at UBCO.

On September 7, 2017 the southern Mexican State of Oaxaca was hit with two massive earthquakes, both above the 8.0 richter scale. A week afterward, Mexico City was hit with its second-largest earthquake. This second quake hit the Aztec metropolis thirty-two years after the largest catastrophe in Mexico during 1985--same date, same city. Let us not forget the Mexican Communities efforts to rescue those buried under debris. Learn more about how volunteers in Kelowna and grassroots organizations in Oaxaca worked together to raise awareness about the state of Oaxaca and the aftermath of the earthquakes. Most of the devastation covered by the media was that of Mexico City; all the help was being filtered there, too. Oaxaca was left in oblivion; the reconstruction state had not yet begun, and signs of desolation were already present. 

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